FASB Codification Guide-2

FASB Codification Guide-2

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Unformatted text preview: the Useful Life of an Intangible Asset.‖ If, in the lesson scenario, LeeAnn had not found what she was looking for in Section 350-30-35, she could have clicked her browser’s ―Back‖ button to return to the ―Search Results‖ page and examined other matching Sections. Lesson 12: Searching: Advanced Techniques 123 LESSON SUMMARY Advanced searches offer many kinds of search criteria for you to use. The advanced search feature is accessible from every page in the System. The ―Refine Search‖ feature on ―Search Results‖ pages helps you redo a search using revised criteria without having to specify all of your criteria again from scratch. The ―Narrow‖ feature on ―Search Results‖ pages enables you to apply additional criteria to your search results to focus on certain subsets of those results. You can narrow your search results by related term and/or progressively by Area, Topic, etc. Lesson 12: Searching: Advanced Techniques 124 REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING Questions Q1: When performing an advanced search in the System, which of the four options associated with the ―Text/Keyword‖ criterion would be most appropriate to select if you wanted to find content sources that contain the keyword stockholder, the keyword shareholder, or the keyword owner? For the following questions, assume that a search for the single keyword dividends in the Codification content returns 202 matching Codification Sections and that a search for the single keyword payable in the authoritative Codification content returns 215 matching Codification Sections. Answer the following questions as they pertain to an advanced search of the authoritative Codification content for the keywords dividends payable entered together as the “Text/Keyword” criterion. Q2: How many matching Codification Sections would most likely be returned if the ―all‖ option is selected for the ―Text/Keyword‖ criterion? Why? a. Fewer than 202 b. Exactly 202 c. More than 202 but not more than 215 d. More...
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