FASB Codification Guide-2

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Unformatted text preview: ral System matters using the System’s paragraphlevel feedback feature. Don’t express your opinions on current GAAP if GAAP is reflected accurately in the Codification. Don’t use the System’s feedback features to comment on exposure drafts of proposed ASUs or other exposure documents issued by the FASB or SEC. Don’t use the System’s feedback features to submit questions about how FASB literature applies to a given situation. Use the Technical Inquiry Service on the FASB website for this purpose. SUBMITTING FEEDBACK ON SPECIFIC CONTENT The System enables you to submit feedback on any individual paragraph in the Codification. You can also submit feedback on individual glossary terms. For glossary terms, the System’s feedback feature is available only on the GLOSSARY tab of individual Section 20 pages and on pages where Section 20 content has been assembled with the paragraphlevel content of other Sections. Once you submit a feedback item, you cannot edit it or delete it later. If you wish to amend or retract submitted feedback, you must submit additional feedback that refers to your original comment. You may submit more than one feedback item in the same paragraph or glossary term. Each feedback item is date-stamped independently of any other feedback items that are associated with the same paragraph or glossary term. Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 167 The paragraph-level feedback that you submit is associated with your System user account and stored electronically within the System. That means your feedback will be available for you to review whenever you use the System, regardless of where you access the System from or what computer you use. However, other System users cannot view or edit your feedback, and you cannot view or edit other users’ feedback. To Submit Feedback on Specific Codification Content: Navigate to the paragraph or Section 20 glossary term for which you want to submit feedback. Scroll to the end of the paragraph/term for which you want to submit feedback and click the ―SU...
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