FASB Codification Guide-2

If you do not see a specific feedback type that

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Unformatted text preview: also submits general feedback whenever he observes a System problem or has a suggestion for making the System easier to use. Learning Outcomes This lesson will help you learn to do the following: Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate uses of the feedback features of the System Use the System to submit content-related feedback Use the System to submit general feedback about the System. USING THE SYSTEM’S FEEDBACK FEATURES The System offers feedback features that enable you to bring Codification-related questions, problems, and issues to the FASB’s attention. The FASB encourages System users to provide Feedback about specific Codification content General feedback about the System and other matters that are not contentspecific. As explained later in this lesson, each kind of feedback is submitted through a different feature of the System. In both cases, submitted feedback is sent electronically to the FASB. All feedback you submit through the System will be reviewed by the FASB’s staff. Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 166 Feedback Dos and Don’ts It is important that you use the feedback features of the System only for appropriate reasons. The following ―dos and don’ts‖ will help you distinguish appropriate versus inappropriate uses of the System’s feedback features: Do submit feedback if you believe that the Codification content does not accurately reflect current GAAP. Do submit feedback if you discover any substantive technical changes that have been introduced during the Codification process. Keep in mind that the Codification does not reproduce pre-Codification pronouncements word-forword or include nonessential text. Do submit feedback if you find grammatical or typographical errors. Do submit feedback if a feature of the System (e.g., links, printing, or display) appears to be working incorrectly. Don’t submit feedback on specific content using the System’s general feedback feature. Don’t submit feedback on gene...
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