FASB Codification Guide-2

Initially those sections are collapsed but each can

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Unformatted text preview: p-down list. Select a Section from the ―Section‖ drop-down list. For this example, select Section ‖25 - Recognition‖ from the ―Section‖ drop-down list. Click the GET SECTIONS button. The System will list the appropriate Sections in a table on the ―JOIN SECTIONS‖ page, below the GET SECTIONS button. To include an individual Section, put a checkmark in the checkbox in the first column of the row on which the Section is listed. To exclude an individual Section, make sure the checkbox is empty. Note that you can mark or clear all individual Section checkboxes automatically by marking or clearing the checkbox that appears at the top of the first column of the table. For this example, scroll down on the ―JOIN SECTIONS‖ page and put a checkmark in the checkbox that appears at the top of the left-most column of the Section table to automatically mark all individual Section checkboxes. JOIN SECTIONS buttons are displayed immediately above and immediately below the table. Click either button. When the page finishes loading (which may take several seconds because the assembled content can be quite lengthy), scroll down to review the assembled content. If You Have Assembled Corresponding Sections within a Topic on a Single Page Here are some things you should know about pages on which Sections have been assembled via the ―JOIN SECTIONS‖ feature: Subtopics are presented in numerical order. A heading at the beginning of each Subtopic identifies the Subtopic by number and title. Using the ―Table of Contents‖ outline at the top of the page to navigate to a lower level of content within a Topic will cause the page to scroll down to the start of the lower-level content rather than taking you to a different page. The ―Combine Subsections‖ feature is available and it works the same as described earlier in this lesson, i.e., identically titled Subsections that are assembled on one page are not limited to Subsections from the Sections that have been joined with the ―JOIN SECTIONS‖ feature. The same printing and annotation features...
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