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Unformatted text preview: ate whether it is true or false. Q2: System users can view feedback submitted by other users. Q3: Once you submit a feedback item, you cannot edit or delete it. Q4: Each archived version of Codification content includes content-specific feedback that was submitted before to the version being superseded. Exercise E1: Assume that you have general feedback to submit about the search features of the System. a. Go to http://asc.fasb.org/generalfeedback. b. Select ―Codification navigation, search or other features‖ from the ―Type of Feedback‖ drop-down list. c. Enter ―Here is the feedback text‖ in the feedback text box. d. DO NOT ACTUALLY SUBMIT FEEDBACK. Simply navigate away from the general feedback page. Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 173 Problem P1: Assume that you have content-specific feedback to submit on paragraph 710-10-25-1. Further assume that the content of the paragraph appears to be substantively different from the pre-Codification source. a. Navigate to the paragraph and click the ―SUBMIT FEEDBACK‖ link. b. Which type of feedback would you select from the drop-down list? c. What would you enter as the text of your feedback? d. DO NOT ACTUALLY SUBMIT FEEDBACK. Click the CLEAR button to cancel. Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 174 Answer Key APPENDIX A Notes: Any research answers provided in this answer key are not intended to represent guidance on GAAP or all of the sources of authoritative guidance for the particular scenario; they are illustrative in nature. Items marked N/A do not have answers but are used to demonstrate techniques used in the lessons. This key is correct as of the publication date on the cover of this guide. Because the Codification is updated with the issuance of ASUs, the answers to the questions, exercises, and problems below may change. Lesson 1 Questions Q1: a. No. b. Yes. c. No. d. Yes. Q2: Broad Transactions. They all begin with 8. Q3: Transfers and Servicing. Q4: 5. Q5: 30. Exerci...
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