FASB Codification Guide-2

It may be useful to work the lessons in sequence

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Unformatted text preview: sing This Guide This Learning Guide is organized into 17 lessons. It may be useful to work the lessons in sequence because each lesson builds progressively on the ones before it. If you have a specific area that you have questions on, the table of contents provides links to the appropriate lessons. The structure explained below is the same across all lessons. It has been designed to maximize your learning. Each lesson begins with a Lesson Scenario that ―sets the stage‖ for your learning. Each scenario is a very short story about someone using the System in a typical work situation. Reading the Lesson Scenario first will prepare you for what the lesson will help you learn to do. You will also gain a sense of the real-world relevance of the lesson and how your learning will benefit you in Getting the Most Out of This Guide v your work. Disclaimer: Any research answers provided in the answer key are not intended to represent guidance on GAAP or all of the sources of authoritative guidance for the particular scenario; they are illustrative in nature. Learning Outcomes are listed following each Lesson Scenario. Learning Outcomes are the specific work-related tasks that the lesson will help you learn to do. Your objective should be to achieve the Learning Outcomes by the end of the lesson. The instructional content within each lesson is based directly on the Learning Outcomes. It is in this portion of each lesson that you will learn what to do, why, when, and how. As you work through the instructional content, you will notice sidebars— various supplementary items appearing in the page margins. Pay particular attention to sidebars labeled Look Now and Try It Now and always do what they prompt you to do. Also appearing throughout the instructional content are Tip for Success boxes that contain very important advice for using the System. Following the instructional content in each lesson you will find a Lesson Summary—a ―bullet list‖ of the lesson’s key points. Reviewing the Lesson Summary will help you gauge the...
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