FASB Codification Guide-2

Lesson 12 searching advanced techniques 115 glossary

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Unformatted text preview: Advanced Search” link on any System page. In addition to specifying these kinds of criteria, you can specify the number of ―Results per page‖ that you want. This does not affect which search results match your criteria but determines how many search results are displayed at a time on the ―Search Results‖ page. By default, search results displayed in groups of 10; you can accept the default value or choose an alternative value of 20, 30, 40, or 50 from the drop-down list. In general, the different kinds of advanced criteria may be used simultaneously in conjunction with each other. If you specify multiple kinds of criteria, search results will be those that match all of the kinds of criteria that you specify. Narrow Search Area The ―Narrow Search Area‖ criterion presents you with a choice of two options: ―All areas‖ or ―Specific areas.‖ You can select either option by clicking the corresponding option button on the ―Advanced Search‖ page. The option you select determines whether all Codification content will be searched or only content from specific Codification Areas, Topics, Subtopics, and/or Sections. If you select the ―All areas‖ option, all Codification content will be searched. If you select the ―Specific areas‖ option, a list of the Codification’s Areas will be displayed below the ―Narrow Search Area‖ option buttons. The list of Areas is actually an expandable outline of the Codification content’s structure from the Area level through the Section level. The outline of the Codification content’s structure enables you to limit your advanced search to specific individual Codification Areas, Topic groups, Topics, Subtopics, and/or Sections of your choice by putting a checkmark in the checkbox to the left of the title. To exclude content from your search, make sure the corresponding checkbox is empty. Note that marking or clearing a checkbox automatically applies the same setting to all lower levels within the item marked or cleared; additionally, markin...
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