FASB Codification Guide-2

Lesson 13 addresses how to track and research

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Unformatted text preview: ―Print‖ feature located on the bottom toolbar of the tab. You can also print the pages containing archived content for individual Subsection versions, again through the ―Printer Friendly‖ feature that is available through the ―Print‖ feature located on the bottom toolbar of the page. The ARCHIVE tab works differently for Glossary Sections of the Codification, as explained in Lesson 9. Lesson 8: Working with Archived Content 80 Look Now Go to the page for Section 31010-50. Click the ARCHIVE tab to activate it. Observe that archived FASB content versions and archived SEC content versions are listed separately from each other. Then click the link for Version 5 among the archived versions of the General Subsection of the Section’s FASB content. UNDERSTANDING ARCHIVED CONTENT In the System, the content of a Subsection’s archived version is displayed in the same manner as the current version, except that a ―strikethrough‖ font is used. All archived content is displayed with the strikethrough font, even though some of the content may not have changed from the preceding version (or it did not change in a visible way, such as fixing a broken link). It is important to recognize that archived content does not specify how a Subsection version differs from preceding or subsequent versions, nor does it identify the standardsetting pronouncements that were associated with version-to-version changes. Lesson 13 addresses how to track and research specific changes to the Codification content. Also keep in mind that if Codification content was current on a specific date, it may or may not have been effective as of that same date. Review Lesson 7 for details of how a version of content that is current as of a given date may include content that is pending, i.e., not yet fully effective. LESSON SUMMARY An archived version of Codification content is retained within the System after each change to the content. When content in a Subsection is changed, the archiving process preserves a copy of the Subsection’s content, in its entirety,...
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