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Lesson 6 working with research results 70 lesson

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Unformatted text preview: riendly window, copy the text of paragraph 235-10-501. c. Paste the copied text into a blank document in your word processing program. d. Close the Printer Friendly window. E4: In the System, navigate to the page for Section 305-10-15. a. Create an annotation for paragraph 305-10-15-1. The title of the annotation should be ―LESSON 6 EXERCISE‖ and the body of the annotation should be ―Here is the original annotation text.‖ b. Collapse (blue minus symbol), then expand (green plus symbol) the annotation. c. Use the System’s ―Hide Annotations‖ feature to hide all annotations on the page. d. Observe the label ―1 HIDDEN‖ displayed after paragraph 305-10-15-1 indicating the hidden annotation that is associated with the paragraph. e. Navigate to the MY ANNOTATIONS tab of the My Stuff page. Locate the annotation having the title ―LESSON 6 EXERCISE‖. Follow the link to the paragraph that the annotation is associated with. f. Edit the body of the annotation to read ―Here is the edited annotation text.‖ g. Delete the annotation. Problem P1: If you were to use the System’s email feature to send someone a link to a Codification Section, describe the steps you would follow to include, in the body of the email message, the text of a specific paragraph from the Section. Lesson 6: Working with Research Results 70 LESSON Working with Pending Content 7 Lesson Scenario Helena is the chief financial officer of a company that operates several casinos. Because her company has issued bonds that are publicly traded, Helena often receives requests for information from credit-rating agencies. This morning, an analyst at a credit-rating agency phoned her to ask whether the company plans to early adopt a change to Codification paragraph 924-605-25-2 that was recently approved by the FASB but is not yet mandatory. Helena told the analyst that she would have an answer for him within 24 hours. Helena uses the System to review the pending content of the paragraph. She also reviews the transition guidance for the pending content to learn when the change must be adopted and to confirm that early adoption is permitte...
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