FASB Codification Guide-2

P2 with regard to codification paragraph 605 25 25 5

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Unformatted text preview: last 30 days are listed; you can accept the default value or select an alternative value of 90 days, 6 months, or 1 year from the drop-down list near the top of each tab. Lesson 13: Keeping Track of Changes to the Codification 131 Try It Now On the TOPICS tab of the “Recently Issued” page, change the look-back period to “Last 1 Year.” Observe that many more items are included in the outline. USING “RELATED EXPOSURE DRAFT” LINKS Specific proposed ASU exposure drafts may be accessed from the RELATED EXPOSURE DRAFT links that appear at the beginning of related Subsections, as shown here: Lesson 13: Keeping Track of Changes to the Codification 132 LESSON SUMMARY The System has several features that can help you determine what Codification content changed, when, and how. The System also offers features that help you know what changes are likely to occur in the future. Each Subtopic’s Section 00, Status, contains a history of major changes to the paragraphs and glossary terms within the Subtopic. The ―Recently Issued‖ feature lists recently issued ASUs, recently issued exposure documents, and recently updated versions of the Notice to Constituents. The documents tracked in the ―Recently Issued‖ feature are organized in different ways on the different tabs of the ―Recently Issued‖ page. You can specify the look-back period for which documents will be listed on any tab of the ―Recently Issued‖ page. You can access proposed ASUs by clicking the ―RELATED EXPOSURE DRAFT‖ links that appear at the beginning of related Subsections. Lesson 13: Keeping Track of Changes to the Codification 133 REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING Question Use the System as needed to help you determine the correct answer to this question. Q1: In the System, navigate to the Status Section of Subtopic 820-10. a. State the numeric citations of all of the paragraphs in the Subtopic that were amended by ASU No. 2009-05 (do not include paragraphs that were added or superseded by the ASU). b. What effect (i.e., added, amended, or superseded) did the changes documented in ASU No. 2011-04 have on paragraph...
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