FASB Codification Guide-2

Performing a simple search the system has both simple

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Unformatted text preview: search results, which list the Codification Sections in which all of the words are present. She finds the guidance she is looking for in the first Section listed, Section 230-10-45. Learning Outcomes In the scenario above, Julia wanted to find authoritative guidance pertaining to a very specific aspect of financial reporting. She used the System to perform a simple search for specific words and quickly found the guidance she was looking for among the search results. This lesson will help you learn to do what Julia did, in particular: Recognize when it is more useful to perform a simple search versus systematic browsing Perform a simple search Review the results of the simple search. Lesson 11: Searching: Fundamental Techniques 102 SEARCHING VERSUS SYSTEMATIC BROWSING Systematically browsing the Codification content is an effective way to find answers to your research questions. In some circumstances, however, you might find answers faster by using the search features of the System. The following table summarizes the factors you should consider when choosing between the two approaches: Systematic Browsing Tends to Be Faster When Searching Tends to Be Faster When You are looking for a relatively large quantity of general information on a subject. The Topic(s), Subtopic(s), and Section(s) that contain relevant guidance are obvious or intuitive. You do not know the exact keywords that are used in the Codification. You are looking for a relatively small quantity of specific information. You do not know which Topic(s), Subtopic(s), and Section(s) are most likely to contain relevant information. You know the exact keywords that are used in the Codification. If you are not sure which approach would be more appropriate, try systematic browsing first. PERFORMING A SIMPLE SEARCH The System has both simple and advanced search features. Both kinds of features are accessible from every page in the System. At the top of each System page, near the right-hand side, is a SEARCH box, which is used for simple searches. There is also an ―A...
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