FASB Codification Guide-2

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Unformatted text preview: ent? g. Close the document window and return to the ―Search Results‖ page. Problem P1: Perform a simple search for the keywords bond coupon in the authoritative Codification content. a. Of the matching glossary terms listed on the GLOSSARY tab of the ―Search Results‖ page, what is the glossary term that has as its definition ―Bonds that involve a combination of deferred-interest payment dates and increasing interest payment amounts over the bond lives and, thus, bear some similarity to zerocoupon bonds and to traditional debentures.‖? b. Of the matching Codification Sections listed on the CODIFICATION tab of the ―Search Results‖ page, what Section is most likely to contain an example of how Earnings per Share is affected by a bond that is convertible into common stock? c. Of the matching Codification Sections listed on the CODIFICATION tab of the ―Search Results‖ page, in what Section are the search keywords found within the Section’s Financial Guarantee Insurance Contracts Subsection? Lesson 11: Searching: Fundamental Techniques 112 LESSON Searching: Advanced Techniques 12 Lesson Scenario LeeAnn is the accounting director of a company that plans to manufacture and sell a patented electronic device. The company recently purchased the patent from the inventor to whom it was originally granted. LeeAnn knows that under U.S. GAAP, the cost of a purchased intangible asset with a finite useful life, such as a patent, must be capitalized initially and subsequently amortized over its useful life. To find relevant authoritative guidance on determining the useful life of the patent, LeeAnn performs an advanced automated search using the System. She directs the System to search the Subsequent Measurement Sections of the Codification for the word patent. Obtaining no search results, she quickly revises her search criteria, leaving the Subsequent Measurement criterion unchanged but this time searching for the phrase intangible asset. Seeing several results from her revised search, she us...
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