FASB Codification Guide-2

The master glossary page will then be displayed as

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Unformatted text preview: stem, each Section 20 page contains a GLOSSARY tab and an ARCHIVE tab. Current and pending glossary terms and their definitions are displayed on the GLOSSARY tab. Archived terms and their definitions are accessible through the ARCHIVE tab, as explained later in this lesson. Lesson 9: Working with Glossaries 85 Try It Now Go to paragraph 480-10-15-6. Position your mouse pointer over the underlined glossary term, noncontrolling interest. Observe the pop-up box containing the definition of the glossary term. Look Now Go to the landing page for FASB Section 480-1020. Scroll down to see the content of SEC Section 480-10S20 on the same page. Unlike other Sections, the content of Section 20 is not organized into hierarchical levels such as Subsections or paragraphs. Glossary terms are simply listed in alphabetical order on the GLOSSARY tab of the Section’s page. Each glossary term on a Section 20 page’s GLOSSARY tab links to a ―Glossary Term Usage‖ page. That page provides links to all locations in the Codification where the term is used. The Master Glossary The System contains a Master Glossary that is a compilation of all of the Codification’s glossary terms and their definitions. A link to the Master Glossary is displayed on the left-hand side of every page in the System, near the top of each page, immediately beneath the Area links. To use the Master Glossary, click the ―Master Glossary‖ link. The Master Glossary page will then be displayed, as shown in this screen image: When you are at the Master Glossary page, you can access glossary term definitions in three ways. Lesson 9: Working with Glossaries 86 The first way to access glossary term definitions from the Master Glossary page is to use the ―Quick Find‖ feature. Type several characters in the box that initially displays the label ―Enter Term Here‖ (the label disappears as soon as you click inside the box to begin typing; no need to press the Enter key). Glossary terms that contain the characters you have typed will be listed below the box; you c...
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