FASB Codification Guide-2

The any option specifies that at least one of the

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Unformatted text preview: g some but not all of the ―child‖ items of an Area, Topic group, Topic, or Subtopic automatically puts a ―grayed‖ checkmark in the checkboxes of the parent item and any higher-level items in the outline. Lesson 12: Searching: Advanced Techniques 115 Glossary and XBRL Elements Sections Glossary and XBRL Elements sections (i.e., Sections 20 and 75) are not available for selection via the “Narrow Search Area” criterion. Topic Groups Note that there is an additional level in the outline for groups of related Topics, such as Topic group “71X Compensation” within the Expenses Area. Text/Keyword The ―Text/Keyword‖ criterion is likely to be the primary criterion of most searches that you perform. It enables you to specify one or more words that must be present in a content source so that the content source is included in the results of your search. The ―Text/Keyword‖ box that appears on the ―Advanced Search‖ page serves the same purpose that the SEARCH box does in a simple search. It is where you enter the keyword(s) you want the System to search for. The ―Advanced Search‖ page, however, offers additional options related to the ―Text/Keyword‖ criterion that are not available in a simple search. The options make no difference if you specify only a single keyword, but the option you select makes a significant difference if you specify multiple keywords. Appearing beneath the ―Text/Keyword‖ box on the ―Advanced Search‖ page are option buttons for ―all,‖ ―any word,‖ ―exact phrase,‖ and ―within _____ words.‖ These options provide you with precise control over how multiple keywords are or are not matched in content sources. Each option will now be explained. The ―all‖ option specifies that each and every word entered in the ―Text/Keyword‖ box must occur at least once in a content source so that the content source is included in the search results. This is the default option. The individual words do not have to be adjacent to each other, appear in the same order, or oc...
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