FASB Codification Guide-2

The email feature is available through the email

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Unformatted text preview: on located on the bottom toolbar of the page/tab. A pop-up menu of options will be displayed. Click the desired printing feature on the pop-up menu. Once the ―Printer Friendly‖ window opens, use the normal printing capabilities of your browser (for example, by clicking the ―Print‖ button on the browser window’s toolbar) to print the content of the ―Printer Friendly‖ window. Close the ―Printer Friendly‖ window and return to the original window to continue working with the System. Try It Now Go to Section 605-45-45. Use the “Printer Friendly” feature to print the Section’s content. Printing Part of a Page Most browsers allow you to select text displayed in a browser window and print only the selected text. EMAILING LINKS TO CODIFICATION SECTIONS The System has a feature that enables you to email a link to a Codification Section of your choice. Recipients with an established system user account can navigate to the Section’s page in the System simply by clicking the link in the message. To use the System’s email feature, you must first navigate to the individual Section page to which you want to refer someone. The email feature is available through the ―Email‖ button on the bottom toolbar of: The DOCUMENT tab of individual pages for Sections other than Sections 20, Glossary, and 75, XBRL Elements The GLOSSARY tab of individual Section 20 pages (as explained in Lesson 9) Individual Section 75 pages (as explained in Lesson 16). An email message sent via the System’s email feature will automatically incorporate a link to the individual Section page you are viewing when you send the email. You cannot use the email feature to send someone a link to a portion of the Codification other than a Section, and it is not possible to include links to multiple Sections in a single email. The emails that you send with the email feature are generated by the System, so you do not need your own email program (for example, Microsoft Outlook) or access to your normal email server. Recipients cannot repl...
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