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To assemble on a single page all sections within a

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Unformatted text preview: and Outline Navigation After joining all Sections of a Subtopic, using the “Table of Contents” outline at the top of the Subtopic’s page to navigate to a Section within the Subtopic will cause the page to scroll down to the start of the Section rather than taking you to the Section’s individual landing page. To Assemble, on a Single Page, All Sections within a Subtopic: Navigate to the landing page for a Subtopic (you can use either the technique you learned in Lesson 1 or the technique learned in this lesson). Click the JOIN ALL SECTIONS button located just above the ―Table of Contents‖ outline on the Subtopic’s page. When the page finishes loading (which may take several seconds because the assembled content can be quite lengthy), scroll down to review the assembled content. LESSON SUMMARY The more familiar you are with the Codification’s specific Areas, Topics, and Subtopics, the faster you will be able to find answers to your research questions. You can use pop-up menus to browse the Codification’s specific Areas, Topics, and Subtopics and to navigate directly to any Subtopic. You can use the ―JOIN ALL SECTIONS‖ feature of the System to assemble, on a single page, all of the Section-level content of a Subtopic for ease of reading. Lesson 2: Navigating the Codification 20 Try It Now Go to the page for the Extraordinary and Unusual Items Subtopic within the Income Statement Topic within the Presentation Area. Scroll down to see that there is no Section-level content on the Subtopic’s page. Then scroll back to the top of the page and click the JOIN ALL SECTIONS button near the top of the page. When the page finishes loading, scroll down to see the content of all of the Subtopic’s Sections. REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING Questions You are not expected to answer these questions from memory. Use the System to determine the correct answers. Q1: How many Topics are associated with the ―92X - Entertainment‖ Topic group within the Industry Area? Q2: With regard to Topic 323, Investments...
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