FASB Codification Guide-2

To acknowledge receipt of your feedback the system

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Unformatted text preview: BMIT FEEDBACK‖ link as shown in the image from paragraph 710-10-25-1 below: The image from paragraph 710-10-25-1 below shows the paragraph-level feedback box that opens after the ―SUBMIT FEEDBACK‖ link is clicked: Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 168 Select the type of feedback you are submitting from the drop-down list. If you do not see a specific feedback type that applies to your comment, select ―General Comment.‖ In the displayed text box, type your feedback. You can also paste text copied from another program. Note that formatting such as lists, bolding, etc., will not be retained. There is a 4,000-character limit on the text of each feedback item. Click the SUBMIT button to submit your feedback or click the CLEAR button to cancel the submission. If you do not click the SUBMIT button, your feedback will not be submitted. If you navigate away from the page without clicking the SUBMIT button, anything you selected or typed will be cleared. The feedback immediately will be displayed following the paragraph with which it is associated. To acknowledge receipt of your feedback, the System will send a ―Thank you for your feedback‖ email message to the email address associated with your System user account. Lesson 17: Providing Feedback on the Codification 169 How Previously Submitted Feedback on Specific Codification Content Is Displayed Upon navigating to paragraph-level content and glossary term definitions, your previously submitted feedback is shown by default. You have the option of hiding all feedback on the page, but choosing to hide feedback applies only to the page where you do so and will last only as long as you remain at that page. If you remain at a page, you can choose to show feedback again after having previously hidden it. Feedback is displayed with the newest comment first. When feedback is hidden on a page, newly submitted feedback is shown immediately after being created regardless of the current show-or-hide setting of the page. When you view an archived version of a Subsection, th...
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