FASB Codification Guide-2

You may also see the special section number s99 in

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Unformatted text preview: Relationships XXX-YY-65 Transition and Open Effective Date Information XXX-YY-70 Grandfathered Guidance XXX-YY-75 XBRL Elements Lesson 3: Working with Section-Level Content 23 When browsing the Codification content, you may notice that some Subtopics contain Sections whose standardized two-digit Section number is preceded by the letter ―S‖. You may also see the special Section number ―S99‖ in some Subtopics. In both cases, those Sections contain SEC guidance rather than FASB guidance. The distinction between the two is explained later in this lesson. Within a given Subtopic, here is what you can expect to find in each Section: Section 00, Status, documents the history of substantive or non-maintenance changes to the Subtopic’s content. It is useful if you need to understand when and how the Subtopic content changed in the past. Details of working with Status Sections are provided in Lesson 13 of this Learning Guide. Section 05, Overview and Background, provides a general overview on the Subtopic. It does not provide historical background of the standard, due process, or similar items. It may contain certain material generally considered to be useful to a user to understand the typical situations required by the standard. It does not summarize the requirements of the Subtopic’s guidance. If you are completely unfamiliar with the Subtopic’s content, be sure to review this Section. Section 10, Objectives, states the high-level objectives of the guidance in the Subtopic but does not discuss the main principles of the Subtopic. Section 15, Scope and Scope Exceptions, describes the items (e.g., entities, transactions, instruments, events) to which guidance in the Subtopic does or does not apply. You should always review this Section. Details of working with Scope and Scope Exceptions Sections are provided in Lesson 4. Section 20, Glossary, contains all the glossary terms used in the Subtopic. Details of working with Glossary Sections are provided in Lesson 9. Section 25, Recognition, addresses the cri...
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