FASB Codification Guide-2

B identify the specific subtopic section and

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Unformatted text preview: declaration in the first paragraph of the Section (labeled ―15-1‖) is of the conforming kind. Lesson 4: Understanding the Scope of Guidance 42 c. Click the link ―225-10-15‖ (i.e., Section 15 of Subtopic 10 of Topic 225) to navigate to the Scope and Scope Exceptions Section of the Overall Subtopic within the same Topic. d. Observe that the scope declaration in the first paragraph of the Section (labeled ―15-1‖) is of the pervasive kind. Problems P1: With regard to Subtopic 50, Website Development Costs, of Topic 350, Intangibles— Goodwill and Other: a. Would the Subtopic’s guidance apply to a company’s purchase of a server computer to host a website that the company is developing? b. Identify the specific Subtopic, Section, and paragraph within Topic 350 that contains the scope and/or scope exceptions information on which your answer to item ―a‖ above is based. P2: With regard to Section 25, Recognition, of Subtopic 845, Nonmonetary Transactions, of Topic 985, Software: a. Describe the entities to which the Section’s guidance applies. b. Describe the transactions to which the Section’s guidance applies. Lesson 4: Understanding the Scope of Guidance 43 LESSON Citing Codification Content 5 Lesson Scenario Francine is the vice-president of finance in a startup company that plans to lease, rather than purchase, various items of computer hardware. She must develop an accounting policy for correctly classifying each lease as either an operating lease or a capital lease in accordance with U.S. GAAP. Francine finds relevant guidance in the Codification and verifies the scope of that guidance. When composing the text of the new accounting policy, Francine cites the specific Codification guidance that provides authoritative support for the policy. She also composes a disclosure regarding the policy, to be included in the notes to her company’s financial statements, citing the specific Codification guidance on which the policy is based. Learning Outc...
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