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Explained in lesson 14 the join sections page and get

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Unformatted text preview: ter Friendly‖ window opens, simply use the normal printing capabilities of your web browser program (for example, by clicking the ―Print‖ button on the browser window’s toolbar) to print the content of the ―Printer Friendly‖ window. You can then close the ―Printer Friendly‖ window and return to the original window to continue working with the System. Other Pages Only the ―Printer Friendly‖ and ―Printer Friendly with sources‖ features are available at: The GLOSSARY tab of individual Section 20 pages (as explained in Lesson 9) Master Glossary terms pages (as explained in Lesson 9). At the following pages and tabs, only the ―Printer Friendly‖ feature is available: Area, Topic, and Subtopic landing pages The ARCHIVE tab (as explained in Lesson 8) and WHAT LINKS HERE tab of individual Section pages Individual Section 75 pages (as explained in Lesson 16) Individual year pages for Accounting Standards Updates, Proposed Accounting Standards Updates, Other Exposure Documents, and Maintenance Updates (as explained in Lessons 10 and 13) The ―Cross Reference‖ page (as explained in Lesson 14) The ―Join Sections‖ page and ―Get Sections‖ result page (as explained in Lesson 15). Copying Codification Content to Paste Elsewhere In the System, you can copy content from either the original browser window that you are using to access the System or from a ―Printer Friendly‖ window. When you copy content, there are two advantages to doing so from a “Printer Friendly” window. First, it is generally easier to select the content that you want to copy. Second, you are more likely to be satisfied with the results when you paste the copied content into the destination program (for example, into a word-processing document). If you simply copy and paste from the original browser window, the formatting is not preserved. Lesson 6: Working with Research Results 61 To Print Codification Content: Navigate to the page (and, if appropriate, the tab) containing the content that you want to print. Position your mouse pointer over the ―Print‖ butt...
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