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Need for a new green revolution focused on africa o

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Unformatted text preview: the world’s farmlands, stemming from: o Development of high yielding cereal grains o Expansion of irrigation infrastructure o Wider distribution of hybridized seeds o Development of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides (nitrogen based) o Improved government policies (especially in East Asia) • Failed to take hold in Africa • Need for a new green revolution focused on Africa o To prevent malnutrition and famine • Food price spikes o 2007- 2008 spike partly due to short term factors o But other long term factors may lead to permanently higher food prices in the years ahead §༊ New biofuel technologies §༊ China and India §༊ Climate change • Market failures- and poverty alleviation goals • Need for government policies in agriculture Roles for Government in Agricultural Development • Avoid bad policies! o Food price ceiling (to help urban dwellers) kills incentives in agricultural sector o Ag subs...
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