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Chapter 6 notes

Accompanied by high fertility resulting in a trap

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Unformatted text preview: taining them. Demographic transition • Stage 1: increase in birth rates and increase in death rates • State 2: Birth rate and declining Death rates • Stage 3: Decrease in birth rates and decrease in death rates and eventually stabilizing Crude Birth Rate – Crude Death rate = population growth Demographic transition of Western Europe Demographic transition of developing countries Malthusian Model • Population trap à༎ rising population and diminishing returns to fixed factors lead to low levels of living • High income may be accompanied by high fertility, resulting in a trap - Equilibrium at s à༎ population trap - Bad equilibrium - If you go past T, you will keep growing THIS MODEL IS WRONG - Dynamics have changed à༎ market forces - What about technological progress? - Now, income per capita shows less population growth so why study it? • Some people believe that the model is true • It may have been true in his time à༎ if it was true we need to know it Criticisms: • What about technological progress? • Data no longer reveal a positive correlation betw...
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