Chapter 6 notes

Factor o population growth is more a consequence than

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Unformatted text preview: opportunities, lowered real costs o All of these provide a FRAMEWORK FOR POLICY Consequences of High Fertility: conflicting opinions • “Population growth isn’t a real problem” o Often times it’s just a symptom o The real problem in not population growth but the following: §༊ Underdevelopment §༊ World resource depletion and environmental (destruction mainly caused by rich countries) §༊ Population distribution across the planet §༊ Subordination of women • Overpopulation is a “deliberately contrived false issue” o Population control efforts are racist or genocidal o Arguments closely allied to neo- colonial dependence theory • Population growth is a desirable phenomenon • o Can induce technological change, investment, demand, and human capital accumulation “Population growth is a real problem” o Empirical arguments §༊ Lower economic growth and incom...
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