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the beginning of the sound in the universe and a

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Unformatted text preview: guage and open to people of every caste (from high to low) - Legacy: the message of the Sanskrit scriptures was reinforced by powerful devotional works due to its spread. • South Indian Devotion o Bhakti movement represent a major shift in Hindu culture o Arose in the 6th century • o Generally address to a particular deity (either Vishnu or Shiva) North Indian Devotion o South India bhakti spread to the north o Different focus of devotion- Rama or Krishna or even sometimes to no particular deity Om: a syllable chanted in meditation, interpreted as representing ultimate reality, or the universe, or the relationship of the devotee to the deity. - the beginning of the sound in the universe and a manifestation of the Supreme Being. - recited at the beginning and end of all Hindu and Jaina praters and recitation of scripture - most sacred sound - meaning of om (speculations): • Represents supreme reality or Brahman • Present at the beginning of the manifest universe and contains essence of true knowledge • R...
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