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Terms CH.1-3

Ascetic renounce the material world spent rest of his

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Unformatted text preview: 1.student: remain celibate and concentrate on learning 2. householder: marry and earn a living to support his family and other students 3. forest- dweller: when their children grow and become householders, they can go with their wife to live in a forest and live a simple life devoted to recitation of the Vedas 4. Ascetic: renounce the material world, spent rest of his days seeking enlightenment & cultivating detachment from life. *note: most men never go beyond stage two and for many the student phase was not particularly important. Alvars: Twelve devotional poets in South India whose works are central to the bhakti tradition. - Follow literal convention of earlier Tamil poetry - Focus on supremacy of Vishnu- Narayana Kshatriya: a member of the warrior class in ancient Hindu society. Shudra: a member of the lowest of four major classes usually, translated as ‘servant’, though some groups within the shudra class could be quite prosperous. Bhakti: Loving devotion to a deity seen as a gracious being who enters the world for the benefit of humans. Vernacular lan...
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