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Unformatted text preview: ion of the organisation? (3 marks) b. Who are two main stakeholders of the organisation? (3 marks) c. Based on your assessment model, is the governance system in place adequate? Why/why not? (5 marks) d. What improvement(s), if any, can be made to the corporate governance system? (4 marks) Which organisation(s) has the best governance system? Best performance for the year? Explain your choice(s). Sub‐Total Mark (/40) 15 15 5 1 MARKS ARE DEDUCTED FOR: Late Submission (see Course Outline) Not Following the Instructions Marks (up to) 10% each calendar day Report must be well‐presented and structured – (grammatically well written and no spelling errors) 2 Must be written in Times New Roman Font Size 12 (or equivalent), using 1.5‐spacing (or grater), with at least 2.5cm Margin on all sides of the A4 paper. 3 Must Not exceed the page limit of 15 pages (see Assignment Question document for further details). Must include an executive summary of no more than 250 words. 2 Must include a bibliography and appropriate in‐text references 2 Must be submitted with an appropriately completed and signed Cover Sheet which clearly shows the Student IDs and signatures of all group members. 2 Total Deductions Any writing beyond the page limit will not be marked Final Mark (/40) /40 2...
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