Bus374 Lab 4 Wind and Water

Outside the tropics and aloft from frictional effects

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Unformatted text preview: n the equator. Globally, the two major driving factors of large- scale wind patterns (the atmospheric circulation) are the differential heating between the equator and the poles (difference in absorption of solar energy leading to buoyancy forces) and the rotation of the planet. Outside the tropics and aloft from frictional effects of the surface, the large- scale winds tend to approach geostrophic balance. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind) To look at the early days of harnessing this power source, consider the following questions: 1. What is one of the ancient attributions of the cause of wind? 2 & 3. What are a couple of the earliest commercial uses of wind? – name and describe 4. What seems to be the main advantage of wind as an ancient source of power? 5. Is there a modern use for wind? For what? As soon as you have completed your explorati...
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