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Unformatted text preview: Discuss some key current issues in technology for business 4. Build direct experience in applications of technology in business. To accomplish these, there are four resources: the lectures & text, the labs, fieldwork, and projects. Specifically, the text emphasizes objective 1, fieldwork focuses on objective 2, the lectures emphasize objective 3 and the labs/projects serve objective 4. Measures: To assure ourselves and others that we have or will achieve these outcomes, we will employ several measures. In reaching the objectives with the help of our resources, we will assess our progress through the following means: 1. Measurement of our grasp of the vocabulary and concepts on two midterms and a take- home final which will be, in large part, our assessment of progress toward our first objective. 2. Participate in and reflectively report on several field trips both real and virtual. 3. Accomplishing several laboratory activities that will involve experiencing and evaluating technological tools and the issues they uncover. Bus374 Technological Perspectives for Business page 2 4. Developing a term project through various stages that will give us a good idea of how we have achieved the fourth objective. II. Resources The resources we bring to bear on this topic will be the key to achieving our objectives. In particular, since one of the goals we have is to foster lifelong learning, many of the resources we use are ephemeral. They are gossamer by their very nature because they change too rapidly to have form and in that changing they excite us and remind us that what we are really learning is a process. A process that will last us all our lives even through the actual specifics we see may not even last the fifteen weeks of our direct gaze. Text: Various materials that will be distributed - electronically, for the most part In addition, the following two books, which are used as the starting point for Bus308, are from the Global Text Project (http://globaltext.terry.uga.edu/) – a very exciting resource. ◊Business Processes and Information Technology by Ulric Gelinas, Steve Sutton, Jane Fedorowicz This book provides the foundation and the tools needed for understanding information systems and developing information technology applications. We have released this version based on the Word files while we undertake conversion to GTP format. ♠ Information Systems by Deepa Ray An introductory text for Information Systems [author seems to be Richard T Watson] ....
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