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Unformatted text preview: lent" fashion and receive the appropriate course grade. The goals and requirements are clear to me. If they are not clear to you, then ask questions. You are strongly urged to read the General University Policies in the General Catalog (www.usfca.edu/acadserv/catalog/) particularly those sections on Academic Freedoms and Standards of Conduct. The full statement is available from ASUSF or the Office of Student Development. Your attention is also directed to the USF General Catalog: Academic Regulations, for further information on the policies that apply to this course and be familiar with the on- line version of the Fogcutter (www.usfca.edu/fogcutter/). A. Grading Grades will be assigned under the following point scheme (for those taking the course for 2 units. one half the listed points are required for a two unit grade): Points Grade Points Grade 450 + A 250- 299 C 425- 449 A- 225- 249 C- 400- 424 B+ 200- 224 D+ 350- 399 B 150- 199 D 325- 349 B- 125- 149 D- 300- 324 C+ below 125 F Points are awarded for tests, projects and labs as follows (these activities may be mixed, matched, extended as fits your desires for the experience you wish in this course): Tests: In class: 2 at 50 points each 100 Final (50 points will be "take home") 100 Projects: 4 at 25 points each 100 Field Work: 4 at 25 points each 100 Labs: 10 at 1 to 10 points each (There are actually 26+ lab opportunities) 10- 250+ Details of point awards for projects are contained in each project assignment. Late Assignments - Assignments turned in after the due date may be penalized by deducting 10% of the points earned for each week...
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