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Unformatted text preview: Clara Valley emanate many of the new developments in computers. The fieldwork assignments are designed to help you get first hand, up- to- date knowledge of what is happening. Students are encouraged to visit appropriate business operations while developing their final project. At least four field experiences will be required and each will be worth 25 points. Tests Due Dates For Assignments All tests will be open book, notes, etc. Each will consist of fifty multiple choice questions. You will be allowed to work on most of the test questions outside of class (i.e., "take home"). Class tests will be given during weeks 6 and 11 according to the schedule below. The tests will be handed out on the 'Date' and turned in when 'Due' at which time supplemental 'in- class' questions will be asked. Date Due Material Rough Topics Feb 26 Mar 5 Weeks I- VI Past to Present Apr 16 Apr 25 Weeks VII- XII Beyond Now & Special Aspects Each of these tests will be worth 50 points. The final exam will be worth 100 points and will cover the entire semester. The Final Exam will be given in two parts of 50 points each. The second part will be given at the time and place scheduled for the Final in this course. The first part of the Final will be "take- home" and will be distributed during the last meeting before the Review week (i.e., Apr 25). Projects The opportunity to do four optional projects will be available. This is the most interesting, profitable and fun part of the course. Each project will be worth 25 points. These points will be added on to your total from the exams. Details of the Project Assignments and due dates are in a separate (pink) section Bus374 Technological Perspectives for Business page 4 Project Past Present Prospects Presentation Due Dates Feb 26 Apr 11 May 2 May 5, 7 IV. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES The purpose of these policies is to insure that each student knows clearly what the standards are in this course and so that each student can be sure he/she will be treated fairly and evaluated objectively. There is no reason why each student cannot accomplish the objectives of this course in an "excel...
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