4 1 limits functions constitutional restrictions

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Unformatted text preview: • The President: veto, sign, do nothing (pocket veto). 4 1 Limits Functions • Constitutional Restrictions: Article 1, sec. 9 • Design of Congress • Design of US Government Office of Management & Budget (President’s budget-making office) Executive agreement 5 • Representation Trustee v. Delegate • Constituency Service: casework; pork barrel(ex. getting money for highway project back home) • Conflict Reduction Reduction • Oversight GAO: audits national govt expenditures 6 Organization • • • • Committee govt–benefits special interests Standing: permanent “subject matter” Problems of Iron Triangle: alliance of mutual benefit formed b/w an agency, its client group & congressional committees Select: temporary or special. Ex. Senate Watergate Committee, 9/11 commission) Joint: permanent Conference: Ad hoc, to resolve differences b/w House & Senate versions 7 2...
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