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insect_earthworm comparison

insect_earthworm comparison - Table 7.1 Similarities and...

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Table 7.1. Similarities and differences between earthworms and insects in 4 characteristics, including d d d' d f d a vantages an Isa vantages 0 a aptatlOns Earthworms Insects Support Fluid-filled coelom provides hydrostatic skeleton for support. Evolution of coe- lorn allows body wall to develop spe- cialization for acquiring food, sensing the environment, or defense; internally separate gut can develop independent specializations for increased efficiency in digestion Chitinous exoskeleton protects vulnerable internal parts of animal from harm, but growth can only be accomplished through molting Movement Circular and horizontal muscles act against hydrostatic skeleton, which se- tae grip substrate Three pairs of muscled legs origi- nate from thorax; up to 2 pairs of wings on thorax (variation among insects in their use for flight) Circulation Coelomic fluid serves as circulatory and respiratory fluid; additionally have well- developed blood vascular system with oxygen-carrying pigment hemoglobin. Together they support a high level
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