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551 change in height discussion the height will move

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Unformatted text preview: : ∆ ∆ . Discussion: The height will move down by 2.55m since the pressure is inside the air space. Problem: For the closed tank with Bourdon-tube gages tapped into it, what is the specific gravity of the oil and the pressure reading on gage C? Given: (a) From Table A.5 for water at 10°C, = 9810 N/m3 Equations and Assumptions: (1) (hydrostatic equation) (hydrostatic equation) (2) (3) Solution: Determining the specific gravity of the oil: Since air has a negligible density change, the pressure at the surface of oil from the air is equal to the pressure at A. 1000 58.53 50 1000 1.0 8530 8530 9810 . Gage Pressure at C 58.53 1000 8530 0.5 9810 1.0 . Discussion: The SG is less than 1 indicating that the oil will float upon the water. The pressure is higher as the depth increases. Both answers make sense....
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