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7 m since the mouse needs a mechanical advantage of

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Unformatted text preview: he mouse needs a mechanical advantage of 300,000:1. Problem: As shown, an air space above a long tube is pressurized to 50kPa vacuum. Water (15°C) from a reservoir fills the tube to a height h. If the pressure in the air space is changed to 25kPa vacuum, will h increase or decrease and by how much? Assume atmospheric pressure is 100kPa. Given: (a) From Table A.5 for water at 15°C, = 9800 N/m3 Equations and Assumptions: (1) Multiple ways to solve this problem (2) (3) ∆ ∆ (alternate) Solution: Initial State: 1000 100 0 9800 50 1000 9800 5.102 Final State: 1000 100 0 9800 75 1000 9800 2.551 Change in height...
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