B determine the maximum bending stress max and the

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Unformatted text preview: ing moment and maximum shear force. (b) Determine the maximum bending stress σ max and the maximum shear stress τ max in the beam. (c) Using the method of superposition, or otherwise, obtain δ C and θ C i.e. the vertical displacement and slope of the beam at point C. Name: Signature: Student Number: Marks (%) (20) 4. A rectangular-section steel beam, AB, [width b = 50 mm, depth h = 175 mm and length L1 = 3 m], is designed to be cantilevered from a rigid wall at A and supported by a steel hanger circular rod, BC, [diameter d = 16 mm and length L2 = 2 m] that is pinned to a rigid support at C as shown in Figure 4. Assume that the elastic modulus of steel is Es = 200 GPa. (a) If the rod is manufactured 2 mm too short, how much stress will be induced in the rod by stretching it, inserting the pin at B, and then releasing the external forces required to mate the parts? (b) Calculate the additional stress induced in the rod by a uniformly distributed load of intensity, q = 1.5 kN/m applied to the beam? (c) Calculate the final displacemen...
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