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Babyboomerswhoare lonely

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Unformatted text preview: trying to walk. What are some common roles dogs have as assistance dogs? A: Guiding, hearing assistance, allergen alert, predict and assist during seizures, mobility assistance, autism assistance, PTSD assistance, What is dominance theory? How does a person train an animal using this? Is this effective at training animals? A:Dominance theory states that relationships with animals are established by force/aggression and submission, to determine who has access to resources such as food, mates, etc. It is based on the idea of pack structure. ­ Dominance theory assumes that misbehavior is due to a desire to have a higher rank and responds to misbehavior with punishment. ­This is not an effective way of training animals because the idea that it is based on (pack ’structure, competition for resources, etc) is not really relevant between domestic animals and their owners. ­It over emphasizes conflict and under emphasizes cooperation, and in some animals, the use of fear and anxiety produces aggression. What is positive reinforcement? How does a person train an animal using this? Is this effective at training animals? A: When a favorable outcome, event, or reward occurs after an action, that particular response or behavior will be strengthened, making it more likely to be repeated ­misbehavior is a result of inadvertent rewarding and alternative behaviors that have not been trained or reinforced ­ A person trains an animal using positive reinforcement by rewarding the animal for desired behaviors. ­Positive reinforcement is considered the most effective way to train animals Careers with Companion Animals Has the pet industry’s profits increased or decreased since the US econom...
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