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Unformatted text preview: ; I think that’s correct Correct. Which outlet was not a recommended way to advertise pets in need of homes? This was discussed in class after looking at a case where a dog was obtained in this way before being subjected to horrible cruelty. A:craigslist? << I think it’s correct Correct. Shouldn’t do craigslist because shady people on there just to get dogs for free and cut their limbs or torture the cute puppy. Shouldn’t sell dogs for free. Community Cats What is meant by the term “carrying capacity”? A: Community cats meet a carrying capacity based on available resources. What are groups of feral cats called? A: A colony What is a feral cat? What types of cats are encompassed in the term “community cats”? A: A feral cat is a cat that ● can’t be handled ● is unsocialized with humans types of cats are encompassed in the term “community cats”: ● feral cats ● lost and/or stolen pet cats ● Owned cats allowed to roam outside. Which method to combat feral cat populations has proven to be the most practical and humane solution over the long­term? A:Trap, Neuter, Return(TNR). What is meant by TNR? How does this help reduce the feral cat population problem? What vaccine is given to cats that go through a TNR program? A: Trap, Neuter, Return(TNR). How does this help: long term fewer cats; population decrease through Attrition. Vaccine: Rabies What method is used to identify cats that have been through a TNR program and are sterilized? A: Ear tipping (which is the cutting of the ear a little) Animal Legislation What are the main differences between federal and state/local laws? A: One is federal, the other is state local. That’s some School House rock shit. Federal: Very limited in number and scope of coverage State: Variable, more numerous What do federal laws focus on? A: focus on property status of animals How are animals viewed under the law? A: property What is the Animal Welfare Act? What type of law is this? What type of animal(s) does it cover? Which does it not cover? Who enforces this law? A: The Animal Welfare Act is an act meant to protect pet owners f...
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