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Unformatted text preview: he sun from the sun IMPORTANT IMPORTANT FACTORS: ► ► Distance? NO BIG DEAL approx Distance? - NO BIG DEAL - approx. 3.5% Axis of the earth *IMPORTANT* inclines at an angle of 66.5% inclines or 23.5% off the vertical FIGURE 4.9 March of the seasons as viewed from a position above the solar system Earth’s Tilt Earth Tilt ► Orientation of axis remains constant throughout of axis remains constant throughout the year, the tilt does not favour the same hemisphere throughout the year ► When one hemisphere is pointing to the sun-the sun angle is greater in that hemisphere than it is at a comparable latitude in the other hemispherethe sun angle is the angle at which a ray of solar l l radiation hits the earth’s atmosphere and surface FIGURE 4.6 Relative positions of Earth and Sun on June 22 and December 22 Important Dates Solstice...
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