sun energy is transformed into heat when it is

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Unformatted text preview: and, Nunavut, Aug. 2004 Heat Transfer Radiation Heat Transfer - Radiation Radiation Radiation – Energy - electromagnetic waves (SUN!) (SUN!) – energy is transformed into heat when it is energy is transformed into heat when it is absorbed absorbed by a substance (air, water, rock, etc) etc) Heat Radiation Heat Transfer Examples Heat Transfer - Examples (Courtesy of University of Wisconson-Madison) Daily Temperature Daily Temperature Relationship of Q* and Tair on a daily Relationship of and Tair on daily basis basis Time (h) Daily TemperatureDaily TemperatureContinued • Air temperature usually peaks a few hours after noon hours after noon. • Mixing of the lower air by vertical currents distributes heat upward, offsetting the temperature rise. Annual Annual Air Temperatures As As the earth revolves around the sun, annual cycle of net radiation varies and the annual cycle of air temperature varies FIGURE 7.10 Mean sea-level air temperatures, in degrees Celsius, for January (A) and July (B) Annual Annual Air Temperatures Location Location also important Land and Water Contrasts Land and Water Contrasts Foggy, Foggy, cool city Winds Winds from the west west move cool, moist ocean air Air Air temperatures remain stable throughout the throu year Loch Ness, Scotland Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland Land Land and Water ContrastsContrastscont’d Much warmer air temperatures (during Much warmer air temperatures (during day) day) Cooler at night Cooler at night Temperature Temperature close to the ground Th The temperature of a surface depends on th...
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