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50 ko 1370 wm 2 x 050685 wm 2 lab 2 lab bring bring

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Unformatted text preview: (0o) x cos (30o) = 0.50 K↓o =1370 Wm-2 x 0.50=685 Wm -2 Lab 2 Lab Bring: Bring: Calculator Calculator Coloured pencils Ruler Ruler Pens Pens & pencils, erasers Bring textbook Bring textbook Bring Bring lecture notes (radiation) Air temperature and Cycles Air temperature and Cycles Readings: – Air temperature and cycles: DeBlij p 65-75, 87-98 6587– Global warming: DeBlij p 248-262 Global warming: DeBlij 248 Outline: Outline: – Temperature – Heat vs. Temperature Temperature – Earth’s Temperature – Heat Transfer Cycles – Temperature Cycles – Summary Temperature Temperature When energy is added to substance, its molecules When energy is added to a substance, its molecules begin begin to vibrate more rapidly – heat is generated and its temperature rises temperature Temperature Temperature-continued Thermomete Thermometer – thermometer: heat sensitive liquid-expands and liquidcontractscontracts-rises and falls in the tube Key Key temperatures – Absolute Zero: -273.15oC vs. 0 K – Freezing point of water: 0oC vs. 273. 15 K – Boiling point of water: 100oC vs. 373.15 K water: – Kelvin Scale based on Absolute Zero (0 K) - no Scale based on Absolute Zero (0 K) molecular vibration, therefore no heat Heat vs. Temperature Heat vs Temperature Temperature Temperature measure of the heat content of – measure of the heat content of a substance substance as represented by the average motion (vibration) of each of its molecules Heat Heat substance– actual energy content of the substancetotal motion of all its molecules Heat vs. Temperature Heat vs. Temperature Specific Heat Specific Heat – thermal property determines determines how a substance’s temperature responds to changes in heat energy – temperature of...
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