Temperature drops with average altitude altitude at

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Unformatted text preview: soil cool Lake Inari, Northern Finland Temperature Temperature structure of the atmosphere La Lapse rate: drop in rate: temperature in degrees C per 1000 m. Temperature drops with average altitude altitude at an average rate of of 6.5 o C/1000 m (in C/1000 (in the the troposphere) – Environmental Environmental Temperature Temperature Lapse Rate – On any given day it might be different FIGURE 55 Variation of atmospheric temperature (red line) with height Temperature Temperature inversion and frost Normal cooling trend is reversed and Normal cooling trend is reversed and temperatures temperatures increase with height Happens Happens on clear, calm nights, loss of longwave radiation longwave radiation, get negative net radiation at the radiation at the surface, surface, therefore a cool surface Inversion Frost Warmer air above Colder air near surface Summary Summary Temperature Temperature Heat Heat vs. Temperature Earth’s Temperature Earth Temperature Heat Heat Transfer Temperature Cycles Temperature Temperature Contrasts Temperature structure in the atmosphere...
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