With the addition of heat vs 1 g of air why of air

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Unformatted text preview: 1 g of water increases very slowly, of increases with the addition of heat vs. with the addition of heat vs. 1 g of air. WHY? of air WHY? Water has a much higher specific heat than air! 4.18 x 103 J kg-1 K-1 vs. 1.01 x 103 J kg-1 K-1 Temperatures Temperatures Earth Earth – Equilibrium Surface Temperature 15 15oC Mars Mars – Equilibrium Surface Temperature Surface Temperature -50oC Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Redistribution of heat from one medium to Redistribution of heat from one medium to another another soil soil to air air air to air (e.g. Gulf of Mexico to Northern N. America) 3 Mechanisms Mechanism conduction conduction convection convection radiation radiation Heat Transfer Conduction Heat Transfer - Conduction Conduction: Conduction: – takes place at the molecular level ap – rapidly moving molecules collide with one another – warm to cold body – WARM …….TO………COLD BODY …….TO………COLD Heat Transfer Convection Heat Transfer - Convection Convection Convection – gas or liquid – flows into contact with a solid body or another fluid body of different temperature body of a different temperature – fluid gains or loses heat at contact surface and then is displaced and mixed with cooler or warmer parts of the fluid. fluid. – Therefore HEAT TRANSFER – vertical mixing in the atmosphere th (courtesy of University of Arizona) Heat Transfer Advection Heat Transfer - Advection Advection horizontal movement of heat Advection - horizontal movement of heat Late-lying snowbed, Resolute, Cornwallis Isl...
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