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10/29/2013 Class 16 1 South American Morpho butterfly wing 10X Morphotex fabric & L’Oreal cosmetics mimic the structure FDA Investigates 5 Deaths and a Heart Attack USA Today 10/12/12 Common factor is Monster™ Energy Drink consumption. Monster’s stock shares fell >15% next day on news of investigation. Lawsuits. Soda sales have been flat or declining in U.S. recently, but energy drink CHM 300 Class 16 October 24, 2013 sector rose over 17% last year. Now approaching 5% of prepared beverage market. FDA caps caffeine content of carbonated sodas to 0.02%, but no limit on energy drinks. Monster contains 240 mg caffeine per serving, ~ 5 colas. Caffeine, a plant alkaloid, is most widely-used psychoactive drug in world. Restores alertness and reduces drowsiness. Long-term use may be protective against some cancers but a weak teratogen. Oral human LD LO = 192 mg/kg (175 mg rat, 149 mg dog. In humans, ~1000 mg doses cause dizziness, headache, vomiting, cardiac arrhythmias. Orally 99% bioavailable, half-life ~5 hours, excreted through urine.
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