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11/12/2013 Class 21 1 Exam 2 – CHM 300 Avg 73.4 Med 74 4. WHO & USEPA As standards for drinking water generally set at lowest statistically detectable level 6. Reduction in childhood mortality A 86 – 100 B 72 – 85 C 57 – 71 D 46 – 54 2/3 A & B led to population growth since 1960. Birth rate actually declined since then. 15. Hydrocarbons are NOT toxic or poisonous, but are extremely flammable or explosive. 28 CO i h l bi i bl d ~2/3 A & B 28. CO ties up hemoglobin in blood and therefore suffocates us. CHM 300 Class 21 November 12, 2013 Wed 7:30, Peplow Pavilion, Michael DeLazzer, founder of Redbox Thu 5:00, Marty Theater, Matt Gorski, Arizona State, “Caesar Chavez” Thu 7:00, SC Ballroom, Dr. Fuller, “Viewing Religion Thru LAS Lens” Thu 7:30, Dingledine, BU Jazz Combo Microplastic Beads Pollute Great Lakes CEN 9/16/13 Many exfoliating skin-care products contain tiny plastic beads in a gel or creamy paste. The plastic balls pass through sewage treatment system, end up in rivers, lakes, oceans. Can cause problems with gills of small fish and carry toxins. A global problem. Under pressure from environmental activists, many manufacturers are phasing out the use of these beads. Environmental chemists have shown that the beads found in the Great Lakes come from personal care products. “Beat the Microbead” smart phone app can avoid beads.
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11/12/2013 Class 21 2 Plant 7 Nitrogen Nitrogen an essential ingredient of all life. (proteins, etc.)
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