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Everything is B ׊xBx Something is B ׌xBx Nothing is B ~׌xBx Something is not B ׌x~Bx Everything is not B ׊x~Bx Not everything is B ~׊xBx Every A is B ׊xሺAx׈Bxሻ Some A are B No A is B Some A is not B Every A is not B ׊xሺAx׈~Bxሻ Not every A is B ~׊ሺAx׈Bxሻ Variables and scope Variables that don't have a corresponding quantifier are said to be free or unbound. ׊xሺFx׈Rxyሻ Every purple squid is friendly
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Unformatted text preview: xPx&SxFx Some monsters are hairy drunkards. xMx&Hx&Dx There is no Invisible Lemur is a criminal ~xIx&Lx&Cx All cats and dogs make suitable pets. xCx v DxPx Only Only citizens are voters ~x~Cx&Vx Only rockstars trash hotel rooms ~x~Rx&Tx 14 Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:12 AM Intro to Logic Page 1...
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