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ME 130L Experimental Fluid Mechanics Spring 2007 Lab #5 - Flow in Pipes Guidelines for Experiments and Report Instructions for experiments: 1. Observation of laminar, transition, and turbulent flow in a pipe Dye flow visualization will be used to see the difference between laminar and turbulent flow in a pipe. There are two transparent pipes for this experiment, one 3/4" and one 5/8" nominal diameter pipe. You should perform tests with both diameter pipes. a. Open the valve on the rotameter 2 full turns to clear air bubbles from the transparent pipe test section. The rotameter will top out at this flow, but that is OK. b. Turn the flow rate down below 0.1 gpm (very low flow) and open the needle valve on the dye injection tube. Momentarily open the dye valve sufficiently to get a high speed jet of dye to clear the line, then back off on the valve until you get a smooth thin streak of dye. As the experiment progresses, you should adjust the needle valve to maintain a smooth dye injection velocity approximately equal to the fluid velocity. Too much dye will produce an obvious jet and too little dye will produce intermittent bursts. c. In gradual steps, increase the water flow rate, adjusting the dye injection as necessary, and observe the behavior of the dye streak. Pay special attention to the occurrence of waviness in the dye streak and whether the waviness grows as the fluid moves downstream or whether it is stable. Also note when the streak begins to show a distinctly unstable characteristic (rapidly growing waviness evolving into a tumbling motion.). Each time the character of the
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Lab5_Guidelines_Sp'07 - ME 130L Experimental Fluid...

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