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Old genetics exam - BIOS 101 Dr Molumby NAME Spring 2004...

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BIOS 101 Dr. Molumby NAME: Spring 2004 SECTION #: Exam 1 INSTRUCTOR: Multiple Choice Questions (worth 2 points each) Questions 1-2 refer to the following scenario: A student counted the number of empty beer bottles in 11 bags of recycled glass. She observed the following numbers: 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 6, 6, 6, 6 1. What are the mean, and median number of bottles? A) Mean is 2.27 bottles/bag, median is 2.97 bottles/bag B) Mean is 6, Standard deviation is 2.97 C) Mean is 1 bottle/bag, Standard deviation is 8.82 D) Mean is 2.27 bottles/bag, median is 0 bottles/bag. E) Mean is 2.27, median is 0. 2. Bottles per bag is what type of character? The data above suggest what type of distribution? A) Discontinuous measurable character, Normal distribution B) Continuous measurable character, Bimodal distribution C) Discontinuous measurable character, Bimodal distribution D) Qualitative character, Bimodal distribution E) Qualitative character, Normal distribution 3. The phenotype of an organism is A) The observable properties of the organism B) The combination of alleles possessed by the organism C) A heritable property of the organism D) The fundamental particle of heredity E) A stretch of DNA that codes for a protein 4. How many different gametes can be formed by the following parental genotype? Aa Bb cc DD A) 2 B) 4 C) 6 D) 8 E) 1 5. Which of the following could cause a fly with the bithorax mutation to exhibit the bithorax phenotype? A) Heat shock B) Cold shock C) Ether D) Expression is automatic as long as the mutation is present E) A, B and C
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Albinism is a condition that results from the lack of normal pigmentation. In humans, individuals with two recessive alleles at the ALBINO (aa) locus are albino. Attached earlobes result from two recessive alleles at the (ee) EARLOBE locus. An albino man with attached earlobes marries a pigmented woman with non-attached earlobes. They have 20 children, (the F1) none of them twins. All of their children are pigmented with non-attached earlobes. 6. What is the most likely genotype of the woman ? A) AAee B) aaEE C) AaEe D) AAEE E) aaee 7. What set of alleles for earlobes and pigmentation do the man's gametes carry? A) a e B) a E C) AA EE D) A E E) Aa Ee 8. What is the genotype of their children (the F1)? A) aaee B) aaEE C) AaEe D) AAEE E) all of the above are possible 9. What proportion of the gametes from their children (the F1) would be expected to exhibit the dominant trait for pigmentation and the dominant trait for earlobes? (assuming no linkage) A) 9/16 B) 3/4 C) 100% D) 1/4 E) 1/16 10. What type of a variable is a person's political party? A) An attribute B) Discontinuous Measurable C) A Rank D) Continuous Measurable 11. About how many genes are there in the human genome? A)1,000
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Old genetics exam - BIOS 101 Dr Molumby NAME Spring 2004...

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