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Name: Solutions Prelab Questions on Conservation of Linear Momentum 1. Consider a momentum-conserving collision between a normal and a composite puck as will take place in today’s experiment. Suppose that the normal puck’s x-component of momentum is 5 kg m/s after the collision and -5 kg m/s before the collision. What is the x-component of the impulse applied by the composite puck to the normal puck? s m kg P P I initial x final x x / 10 ) 5 ( 5 , , = = = 2. In the first part of today’s experiment, you will investigate the linear momentum of two pucks separately. Please fill in the empty entry of the table
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Unformatted text preview: below according to the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum and explain your answer. x-component of momentum of normal puck x-component of momentum of composite puck Before collision 4 kg m/s Before collision -3 kg m/s After collision -2 kg m/s After collision 3 kg m/s The total momentum of two pucks before the collision should be equal the total momentum after the collision along each component. Hence taking x-components, 4 kg m/s + (-3) kg m/s = -2 kg m/s + p p= 3 kg m/s...
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