PurposefulIgnoranceandSales - Purposeful Ignorance and...

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Purposeful Ignorance and Sales The goal of philosophy is not to enlighten the uneducated masses that roam the streets and farms but to sell the principle of “just” opulence to the upper class. The upper class are the ones who buy the books the philosophers write, who pay the philosophers to teach their young and who lead the lives of power. Aristotle is simply concerned with pleasing these select few than he with pleasing the masses of people in Athens. Through out the readings it is always the males who have the power. For it is the males who are seen to be the natural rulers of the everything as opposed to the women. It is the males who must rule by way of king, master, or statesman. The man must rule his wife as a statesman, the man must rule his slaves as a master, and the man must rule his children as a king. The man must always make sure to teach his subjects the principles of the city. It is with this continuation of tradition that males will remain in power. If Aristotle had written that because everyone’s soul is the natural ruler of one’s body and the soul is believed to be of a higher order than mortal
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PurposefulIgnoranceandSales - Purposeful Ignorance and...

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