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Jacob Matson Page 1 5/12/2009 LIT 205 – Great Works of Literature: The Novel -- Annotated Bibliography Title of Reading: Franny and Zooey Author: J.D. Salinger BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF MAIN IDEAS Throughout J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey , Franny is a character marked by her struggle to find her genuine self among a society that she sees as fake, yet also rewards them for their fakeness. As a result, she becomes increasingly detached (to the point of even fainting) and does not even recognize a cup of “consecrated chicken soup”(196) when she sees it. The root of her original detachment from society is her exploration of a book from the desk of her eldest brother Seymour. She had opened the book looking for answers but had finished it with only more questions. Thankfully, her wiser, slightly older brother Zooey is present to act as a guide through her search for “God knows what”. As Salinger writes about the eternal human struggle to find identity in a world full of hypocrites, the social commentary within his work comes to the surface. The supposed elite,
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